Rewards Card Features


Click, Load, & Save with Paperless Digital Coupons

Easy to access, right from this website.

Register or Sign in to your Rewards Card account.

Click on Online Savings then Digital Coupons.

Load a coupon and it will be saved directly to your Rewards Card.

Next time you are in the store, simply buy the product, hand your Rewards Card to the cashier and once it is scanned, your discount will be applied immediately.



In Store Discounts are Applied Automatically

Whether sale prices on your favorite items, or special promotions built specifically to help you save, you don't have to work to receive in store discounts. If a discount exists on your Rewards card, you'll get it without hassle. 



Club Rewards for Shopping

Each of our stores has clubs tailored to the needs of its consumers. No matter whether your store offers the lunch club, pet club, coffee club or salad club, you'll be rewarded for shopping often when you're a member of clubs.



Key Points Accumulate Every Time you Shop. Use your Points to Save Big!

Shop as normal and as you do, Key Points will be added to your card. Those Key Points can be donated back to your community, used to buy Country Mart gift cards or applied to future purchases on everyday items.