Ideal Sweetener, No Calorie

Preferred over sugar (preferred for sweetness, flavor and overall liking vs sugar in independent university taste tests). More than 99% natural. Each packet sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar. Suitable for people with diabetes. Gluten-free. Certified by NCS International, SQF 2000 Quality Certified Supplier. Ideal is the ideal alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes because it: delivers the same sweetness as sugar without the calories; dissolves quickly in your favorite hot or cold beverages; keeps its sweetness during baking; sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar per packet; is made with xylitol which is: a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables; all-natural, looks and tastes just like sugar; FDA approved, used worldwide for over 40 years; produced by our bodies as part of everyday metabolism; ideal for the entire family, suitable for diabetes or anyone watching their weight; health-enhancing with benefits reported in extensive clinical studies. Taste the simple sweetness of Ideal.