Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea Bourbon Whiskey

Red Stag Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Honey Tea. Beam formula. A standard since 1795. By Jim Beam®. Infused with natural flavors. 80 Proof. 750.0 ml. Back in 1975 when Jacob Bean began making his special Kentucky bourbon, the majestic elk, led by proud "Red Stags," dominated the eastern mountains until they were hunted to extinction. In 1997, the elk were re-introduced to Kentucky and are thriving again, with the largest free-roaming herbs east of Montana. Our distillers-inspired by these amazing creatures-proudly gave their name to Red Stag by Jim Beam - a fine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey infused with natural flavors. Just as the stately elk of Jacob Beam's time played their part In Kentucky history, we think Red Stag by Jim Beam will add a rich & exciting new chapter to the story of Jim Beam. Made with Genuine Beam Bourbon®. Red Stag Honey Tea is made with Jim Beam, the World's finest bourbon, giving it a delicious taste that is rich with American heritage.