Jim Beam Honey Liqueur with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1.75 L

Sweet as honey. Bold as bourbon.Jim Beam Honey opens a smooth chapter in the Jim Beam legend with complex notes of caramel, oak, vanilla and a finish of sweet honey. Made with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey slowly infused with natural golden honey to produce a sophisticated, deep, rich flavor with honey aroma, it stays true to the secret family recipe of Jim Beam.Sweet but not too sweet, Jim Beam Honey has the perfect touch of golden honey allowing its warming sweetness to shine without losing the mellow smoothness of our original bourbon. So whether you’re craving a cocktail with a sweeter side or an easy sipper, this is the bee’s knees. After seven generations of master distillers, the Jim Beam family tradition continues today with Jim Beam Honey and more. As the First Family of Bourbon, we were there when it all began. But we’ve never been the type to rest on our laurels. Always innovating, always taking bourbon to new heights—that’s the Jim Beam way. And after more than two centuries, we have no intention of doing things any differently. Since we sold our first batch in 1795, each of our family distillers has found an opportunity to push our story forward and keep the tradition of Jacob Beam alive for the next generation of bourbon drinkers.