Stolichnaya Stoli Ohranj Orange Flavored Premium Vodka

Stolichnaya Stoli® Ohranj™. Genuine premium flavored vodka. SPI®. 37.5% alc/vol 750 ml. Orange flavored premium vodka. Stolichnaya ® Ohranj™ is the authentic natural orange-flavored premium vodka. Produced in a century-old facility in Latvia from spirits distilled from rich Russian grain. Our finest vodka is married to fragrant orange flavors to achieve the distinctive Stolichnaya® Ohranj™ taste. Stolichnaya® Ohranj™ can be enjoyed neat. With club soda splash of lime, or used to create delicious cocktails. Discover more cocktail recipes at Great cocktails start with responsible measuring. Produced in Latvia for S.P.I. group.