Wild Turkey Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Rye

Wild Turkey® 101 Rye is the real deal, and a tribute to the enduring passion and conviction of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. With its bold rye flavor, this legendary Kentucky-made whiskey is in a league of its own. Aged in the deepest char American white oak barrels, Wild Turkey® 101 Rye has a confident, unapologetic personality and a rich golden amber color. The 101proof and rye content give the Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey a bold presence and cereal grain flavor that pairs well with cocktails. And if there’s one drink that it’s particularly suited for, it’s the Perfect Manhattan. The Perfect Manhattan is a retro recipe that transports you to an underground speakeasy or mid-century cocktail den. Today, the elegant drink is beloved by mixologists for its combination of sweet and bitter undertones. While you can always order one the next time you frequent your local watering hole, it’s also an easy-yet-impressive cocktail to make yourself.