Ben's Original Risotto, Creamy Mushroom 8.5 oz

BEN'S ORIGINAL Ready Rice Mushroom Risotto Flavored Rice offers creamy, savory rice that makes for a stand-out cooked rice side dish or a flavorful addition to any recipe. In just 90 seconds, you can enhance your meals with a delicious mix of arborio rice, mushrooms, parmesan and cheddar cheese. Ready Rice makes preparing a tasty meal quick and easy with a BPA-free microwave rice pouch that eliminates prep and cleanup. All you have to do is add water to the pouch before microwaving the rice for 90 seconds, or heat it in a skillet thoroughly until it's ready to serve. Enjoy this mushroom risotto plain, or pair it with your favorite meats and vegetables. This arborio rice is vegetarian and contains 100% Italian-grown arborio rice, no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Ben’s Original is dedicated to creating meals and experiences that offer everyone a seat at the table.