DampRid Airscapes Decorative Refillable Moisture Absorber Lavender Vanilla

DampRid® Lavender Vanilla Decorative Refillable Moisture Absorber. Attracts & traps excess moisture. Eliminates musty odors. New! Decorative container. Blends in with your decor. AirScapes™. One pouch lasts up to 30 days. Net wt 7 oz (198.4g). DampRid® features: Natural dehumidifier. Maintain constant, comfortable relative humidity. Nontoxic & septic safe. Environmentally friendly. Non-flammable and non-combustible. Looks beautiful and works beautifully in: Bathrooms. Dining rooms. Kitchens. Bedrooms. Laundry rooms. Offices & dens. Living rooms. For naturally better indoor air: For continuously fresh, naturally clean air that's dry, comfortable and free from musty odors, you're going to love DampRid AirScapes™. It actually conditions indoor air to remove excess moisture and the cause of musty smells at the source. Why spray and re-spray perfumed air fresheners to mask odors - when one pouch of DampRid can provide lasting freshness for up to 30 days DampRid AirScapes™ is available in a variety of fragrances with containers in attractive finishes to match your home decor. Also from DampRid is a complete line of products to clean and freshen indoor air including refillable, disposable, and hanging moisture absorbers. Questions Comments Contact us at 1-888-DAMPRID (326-7743) in U.S.A. only from 8 am to 4:30 pm CT Monday through Friday or online at www.damprid.com. Basements. ©2013, WM Barr & Co., Inc. An employee owned company.