Yasso Yogurt Bars, Greek, Vanilla Bean, 4 Pack

Flavored with other natural flavors frozen Greek yogurt. 80 Calories; 5 g protein. Gluten Free. Good source of protein. Low in fat. No sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Live the vanillionaire life: its rich vanilla-flavored with other natural flavors frozen Greek yogurt with specs of vanillabeans, 5 g of protein, and 80 calories per serving. If were doing the math right, just one bite will make you an instant vanillionaire. Its lavish, creamy lifestyle compliments of Yasso vanilla bean bars. Enjoy! - Amanda & Drew. Founders. Made with the goodness of Greek yogurt. Live and active cultures. yasso.com. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Discover more (at) yasso.com. Yasso Game On! Foundation: It's game on, baby! Born from our founders' roots in athletics, the Game On! Foundation is a non-profit sports initiative that inspires others to crush their goals through hustle, teamwork and friendly competition. Join us as we give back to our communities with the mission to cultivate the inner health rebel in everyone. Visit yasso.com/game-on to learn more! Yasso: Mint chocolate chip. Yasso: Fudge brownie. Yasso: Sea salt caramel. Yasso: Black raspberry chip. Yasso: Chocolate chip cookie dough.