Cock N Bull Soft Drink, Cherry Ginger

Natural ginger & cherry flavor. The extra cherry ginger soft drink. Made with real sugar. Caffeine free. We invented the cherry Moscow mule! The tale of the dandy donkey (aka) the cherry Moscow mule! The Dandy Donkey is a not-too- distant cousin to the legendary Moscow Mule. Made with Cock'n Bull Cherry Ginger Beer, it can be mixed with the Vodka Spirit of choice. But we suggest you mix with a smooth, American made Yankee Doodle Dandy variety, since so many wonderful brands have developed right here in the Good ol' USA. The Dandy Donkey is loved by both sexes; men and women who occasionally imbibe. Don't forget to add a Cherry! The Dandy Donkey is Double Delicious! Made with the Cock'n Bur Cherry Ginger Beer! Where the Moscow mule got its kick. The Cock 'n Bull was the birthplace of the Moscow Mule. Whoa. Flavor! You are holding in your hands a liquid treasure. Cock'n Bull Cherry Ginger Beer. An up to date recipe from the past. A soda with natural stuff in it. Jammed with taste, but easy to drink. No alcohol, but a great mixer. Definitely too good for the kids. Zippy, zingy, cherry rich, gingery crisp. Try it, pow! You'll love it/ Where has it been all your life? Who cares, just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! visit us at