Sunsweet Juice Cocktail 64 oz

Flavored juice cocktail with dried plum, pear, grape and cranberry juice from concentrate and other ingredients. With agave. No HFCS (No high fructose corn syrup). 35 calories. 4 g sugar. 3 g fiber. You'll love Sunsweet Smart's delicious and fruity Cranberry Grape Juice Cocktail. Why is it smart? With only 35 calories, you're getting a good source of fiber, plus vitamins A & C. We've added a touch of agave, for a full-bodied taste without all the sugar. Sunsweet Smart Cranberry Grape (per 8 oz Serving): 35 calories; 4 g sugar; 3 g fiber. Leading Cranberry Grape Juice Cocktail (per 8 oz Serving): 130 calories; 30 g sugar; 0 g fiber. 10% juice. Pasteurized.