Real Coco Life Refreshed Coconut Water, Organic, Nam Hom

USDA Organic. No added sugars. No GMOs. Wellness starts within. Bottled at source. Essential electrolytes. Natural hydration. No preservatives. Pink is Premium: Nam Hom coconuts are revered for the sweet aroma, fresh taste, and pink color of their water. We hand-select ours from sustainably-managed farms in Ratchaburi, Thailand, and bottle the organic water at the source. A real product. Instagram: (at)enjoyrealcoco. Facebook/enjoyrealcoco. For more, visit us at: Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. Non GMO: Sustainable farming. Preserve the nature. Recycle the package. Better for you, better for our planet. Nature's Best: Sustainable, traditional harvesting practices that help the local communities. Bottled at Source: Our unique gentle pasteurization process provides cold-pressed taste in a shelf stable pack. Smaller Carbon Footprint: No refrigeration on needed from Thailand to you. Greener Packaging: Made from FSC certified paper, manufacturing uses 5 times less water and over its lifecycle releases 60% less carbon than PET plastic bottles. Made in Thailand.