Mom's Best® Honey Nut Toasty O's® Cereal 20 oz. Box

We have spent four generations handcrafting our delicious, nutritious recipes to give you an easy way to take a break. It's like a little moment of "me time" first thing in the morning.Simple Goodness® Promise-We promise to make cereals that balance great taste, quality ingredients and affordability. Everything you want in a cereal and nothing you don't.Made using renewable wind energy-We purchase wind energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity used to make the cereal in this box. Guess what?Your morning is pretty powerful. It's kind of like the boss of the next 24 hours. It doesn't just signal the start of a new day, it determines how that day is going to be lived. Will it be a good day? A bad day?Here's the good news–you're the one calling the shots. In fact, you're 100% in charge from the moment that sun comes up. And by picking up this Mom's Best Cereal full of great-morning-guaranteed nutrition, you've already taken a step towards making this one of your best days yet.Start with the little things. How the Best Days Begin 50%+ Whole Grain50% or More of the Grain is Whole Grain Eat the Best, Then Do What's Best!