Clorox Toilet Plunger

Clorox® Toilet Plunger. Featuring Antimicrobial Protection Of The Rubber Cup. Attractive "Hide - Away" Cover. Easy -Open Plunger Cover. This Clorox® cleaning tool is made with antimicrobial materials to help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the rubber cup. The materials are built into the rubber cup during the manufacturing process to provide continuous protection that won't wash off, or wear away over time. The Clorox® Toilet Plunger features: Attractive "Hide-Away" Cover. Simply pull on the handle to open and push the handle downwards to close. Ergonomic soft rubber grip provides comfort while in use. Rubber lining on base helps prevent tipping or sliding. Clorox®... committed to helping you achieve a cleaner and healthier home™. Clorox® and the Clorox® logo are trademarks of the Clorox company and may be registered. These marks are used under license by Butler Home Products, LLC. Questions call 1-800-320-8045.