Lemi Shine Washing Machine Cleaner

Powered by 100% natural citric extracts. Deodorizes cleans & optimizes. 4 cleaning pouches plus 4 machine wipes. A Complete Cleaning System: to deodorize and optimize your washing machine. Penetrating Cleaner: Over time, excess detergent and hard water minerals buildup in the internal components of the machine. Lemi Shine Washing Machine Cleaner eliminates odor causing buildup for cleaner, fresher smelling clothes. Machine Wipes: Uniquely formulated to remove and prevent odor causing residue from door gaskets, dispensing reservoirs and other machine surfaces. Unlike other machine cleaners, Lemi Shine Washing Machine Cleaner does not contain bleach. There's no need for an additional rinse cycle after use saving you time and money. All washing machines including high-efficiency. Clean freak approved! Powerful formulas. Safer products. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. No artificial fillers or dyes. Septic system friendly. We're here to help. Facebook/LemiShine. LemiShine.com. 888.336.2582 M-F 9am - 5pm (CST). Paperboard packaging. Recyclable. Made in the USA.