Spic and Span The Extra Strength Powder Sun Fresh

Spic and Span® Sun Fresh The Extra Strength Powder. New power formula! When liquid cleaners are just not enough! Kitchens & baths. Walls. Floors. Garage. Basement. Patio. Individual packages of Spic and Span may weigh slightly more or less than the marked weight due to normal variations incurred with high speed packaging machines, but each day's production of Spic and Span will average slightly above the marked weight. Contains no phosphate. The surfactant in Spic and Span is biodegradable. Made for deep down cleaning of those tough jobs where liquid cleaners are just not enough! Still the no rinse formula! Try these other Spic and Span products. Spic and Span The Complete Home Cleaner® dilutable liquid cleaners. Sun fresh, forest fresh & citrus fresh. Now cleans beyond floors. For all your cleaning needs throughout your home. Spic and Span Everyday® antibacterial spray cleaner. Disinfectant, bactericidal. Ideal cleaner for kitchen, bath, and other areas. Cleans dirt, grease, and stains fast, and kills germs too. Questions Comments Visit us at www.spicnspan.com. ©2005 The Spic and Span Company. A Prestige Brands Company.