Quilted Northern Soft & Strong Bathroom Tissue, Unscented, Double Rolls, 2-Ply

4.5 in/pulg x 4 in/pulg. 150 sq ft/pies. 200 2-ply sheets per roll. 4 double rolls = 8 regular rolls. Soft & strong. Flushable septic safe. Regular. Double 2x more sheets than our regular roll. Mega more than 2 1/2 x more sheets than our regular roll. With Quilted Northern, the feeling is personal. Bath tissue is a product that we use more than most personal care products. That's why for over 100 years, we have been committed to treating Quilted Northern as a personal care product. Quilted Northern is the quilted tissue with the pillowy pattern that leaves you feeling clean and fresh. Safe for all standard sewer & septic systems. NSF International has established that Quilted Northern is fully acceptable for septic tanks according to the NSF Protocol P150. Made in USA.