Scotts Wood Cleaner & Preservative, Almond Scent

Complete wood care. See the true beauty of wood shine through. Original almond scent. Dusts. Cleans. Protects. Beautifies. Enhances wood's richness and lengthens the life of your wood treasures, new and antique. Quick, easy complete wood care. Restores and enhances wood's natural color, grain, luster. Removes dust, deep cleans, replenishes moisture. Helps protect against cracking, warping, fading. Hides nicks and scratches. Contains no wax or silicone, eliminating residue. For All Natural Wood Surfaces (Finished or Unfinished): furniture; cabinets; doors; paneling; woodwork; new & antique treasures; even cleans and shines stainless steel & brass. Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Proudly made for over 50 years in Denver, CO. Made in the USA.