Musselmans Apples, Sliced, Water Pack

Tips for Musselmans Water Pack Sliced Apples: 1. Sliced apples are a great time saver for making delicious apple pies. 2. Bring new variety to your salad and breakfast bar by adding ready-to-use sliced apples. 3. Drain and chop sliced apples then add to chicken salad tossed with red grapes and slivered almonds. 4. Mix sliced apples with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon; server warm. Sprinkle with granola for added crunch. 5. For a fruity twist in your bread pudding, add chopped sliced apples into your recipe. Knouse Foods is and established grower-owned co-op with more than 50 years of partnership that grows ever stronger. By controlling the entire production process from farm to table, we offer fruit products that meet the highest standards for taste, quality and consistency. Since we are grower-owned, we rely on the environment for our livelihoods. So it makes sense for us to want to minimize our environmental impact by applying sustainable practices to everything we do. Were proud of our name, were proud to be grower-owned. Naturally fat free. Fruits & veggies more matters. Gluten free. Please recycle. Visit our website at