Cook Me Some Mister Lil Party Sz Jam

No msg added (Except those naturally occurring glutamates). More real vegetables. More flavor, less heat. No artificial flavors. No certified colors. Women owned. Just add chicken and sausage or seafood for a traditional meal! See back panel for recipe. Jambalaya girl from New Orleans. The girl with the fork earrings! New Orleans native Kristen Preau has been known as the Jambalaya Girl since she was a little girl. She grew up in the New Orleans culinary industry helping her Dad cook jambalaya in his cast iron pots. Now she can be recognized by her signature fork earrings that are highlighted in her caricature on all of Jambalaya Girl's products. Jambalaya Girl started her family business in 2010 with one product-the Jambalaya Rice Mix made from her Dad's recipe. Jambalaya mission is to share an authentic taste of New Orleans with the world with easy to prepare dishes made with the finest ingredients, all inspired by the Preau Family's recipes. Twitter: jambalayagirl. Facebook: jambalayagirl. Order Online at: Made in the USA.