Cat Chow Senior Cat Food

Specially formulated for cats 7 years and older. Complete nutrition with antioxidants for a long, healthy life. After all these years, you know your cat best. But do you know what she needs now she is over 7? You may still look in your cat's eyes and see a little kitten ready to play, but at the time your cat reaches age 7, nutritionally-speaking, she's considered to be an older cat. And to help her stay healthy, active and full of energy she needs your love and the nutrition in Purina Senior Cat Chow, specially created for cats over age 7. Purina Senior Cat Chow contains all the vitamins and minerals older cats need, including high levels of antioxidants, extra protein, natural fiber and wholesome ingredients for the nutrition and taste cats deserve. Of course keeping your cat healthy isn't just about attrition. It's about knowledge, care and love. Together they represent Purina's balanced approach to your cat's physical and emotional well-being. So we at Senior Cat Chow are here to answer your questions so together we can keep you older cat healthy and active for years to come. Senior Cat Chow provides: Nutrition with more antioxidants - Helps support a healthy immune system. High protein - Helps maintain strong muscles. Reduced calories. Help keep older cats at a healthy weight. Omega fatty acids - Helps keep skin healthy and coat shiny. Increased fiber - Promotes easy digestion for older cats. Calcium - For strong teeth and healthy bones. Vitamin A and Taurine - For healthy vision. Morsel - Easy-to-chew. Great taste - To keep older cats happy and satisfied. Veterinary care: Proper diet and veterinary care are the best way to ensure long, healthy life for your pet, in partnership with veterinarians, Purina encourages you to make sure your pet has an annual physical examination. Animal feeding tests using Associated of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) procedures substantiate that Purina Senior Cat Chow provides complete and balanced for all life stages.