Hartz Salt & Mineral Wheels For Small Animals

Hartz® Salt & Mineral Wheels For Small Animals. Net wt 6 oz. A highly potent source of salt and trace minerals for hamsters, gerbils, pet rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets. Hartz® salt & mineral wheels provides hours of fun and exercise and satisfies your pet's natural need to chew. Guaranteed Analysis: Mineral Wheel: Calcium (min) 0.05%. Salt (min) 95%. Salt (max) 99%. Magnesium (min) 0.05%. Iron (min) 800mg/kg. Copper (min) 150mg/kg. Manganese (min) 1000mg/kg. Zinc (min) 50mg/kg. Iodine (min) 40mg/kg. Cobalt (min) 35mg/kg. Salt Wheel: Salt (min) 96%. Salt (max) 100%. Hartz® is a trademark of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Visit our website www.hartz.com.