Rice Select Kasmati Rice, Traditional Basmati Style

Naturally flavored, long, slender grains. Special rice for special meals. No additives. Microwaveable. Kasmati is great tasting, traditional basmati style rice grown in the United States. Delicious flavor. Exotic aroma. Fluffy texture. Long slender grains. Kasmati is longer and thinner than ordinary American long grain rice and it will become almost twice as long if soaked before cooking. Kasmati is ideal for those special occasions when you want to serve the very best. It adds a gourmet touch to any meal. Rice Select is different! We are dedicated to bringing you the world's best tasting rice. We've even developed our own patented processes and special seed. And, only the best American farmers are chosen to grow Rice Select. To keep our rice select, we inspect each grain. Then, our own special packaging seals in all the freshness and natural flavor. This may seem like a lot of extra work to you, but we care about our rice from the seed to the store, from your pantry to your plate.