Stri Dex Triple Action Acne Pads, Maximum Strength

The pads do everything a non-prescription acne medication can do to help you deal with you pimples. Cleans: Triple Action Stri-Dex contains a special combination of cleansing ingredients: 1. Removes dirt, oil, sweat and other impurities from the surface of your skin. 2. Penetrates to unclog pores. 3. Dissolves deep down oil. Treats: Stri-Dex Pads treat existing pimples with salicylic acid, an effective acne medication, to help clear them up fast. This medication also penetrates pores to help eliminate blackheads. Prevents: Used regularly, Stri-Dex pads help prevent breakouts before they start. Stri-Dex Maximum Strength pads contain the maximum level of the acne-fighting ingredient that you can get without a prescription. The deep cleaning textured side opens pores and loosens the oil and dirt that can clog them. The extra absorbent smooth side wipes away oil and dirt and leaves behind tough pimple-fighting medicine. Unique power-lift notch makes it easier to remove pads from the jar. Super size pads actual size: 2-7/16 inches in diameter. Stri-Dex Maximum Strength Pads treat acne with the highest level of acne-fighting medication allowed without a prescription. They even help prevent new pimples from forming.