Pink Plus 2-N-1 Scalp Soother & Oil Sheen

Why settle for just oil sheen spray? Luster's Pink 2-N-1 Scalp Smoother & Oil Sheen provides conditioning for both hair and scalp. Special spray nozzle disperses conditioning and softens directly to scalp reaching those hard to reach scalp areas without disturbing your look. Vitamins A, D, & E absorb into the hair and scalp to insure an optimum moisture level that increases flexibility and elasticity. Luster's Pink 2-N-1 Scalp Soother and Oil Sheen adds shine to enhance your everyday style. Product is formulated with Shea Butter to add gloss and sheen, leaving hair soft, shiny and never oily. Excellent for: Dry scalp; Braids; Relaxed hair; Color treated hair; Pressed hair; Natural hair. Formula meets 55% VOC requirements.