Tio Nacho Shampoo, All Day Volume

Natural lightening. Royal jelly & chamomile. Wheat seed. Aloe vera. Tio Nacho, with 150-year experience and efficacy in all of its products, developed all day volume shampoo with chamomile, royal jelly and plant extracts, which nurture and help to strengthen the hair, leaving it gradually with clearer tones and maintaining the blonde ones. Properties: Royal Jelly: Nourishes and hydratees. Tomato extract: softening properties. Jojoba extract: Removes excess oil. Aloe vera extract: Strengthens hair. Ginseng extract: Provides sheen and softness. Rosemary extract: Moisturizes scalp. Wheat extract: Rich in vitamin E, antioxidant. Provides sheen and softness. Leaves hair looking healthy and volumized. Lightening. www.genommalab.us. For more information please call toll free: 1-877-99-Genom.