Poise Pads, Light, Long Length

Individually wrapped. 3 - light. 3 in 1 Bladder Protection: odor control; dryness; comfort. Now with ContourFIT design conception. Shaped to protect. Trusted 3-in-1 Protection: 1. Comfort: ContourFIT design softly curved to help prevent bunching. Wider front and back to keep you comfortably protected. 2. Dryness: dry-touch layer for added protection. 3. Odor Control: absorb-loc core quickly locks away wetness and odor. Absorbency Guide: Poise Liners: 1 - lightest. Poise Liners: 2 - very light. Your Product: 3 - moderate. Poise Pads: 4 - moderate. Poise Pads: 5 - maximum. Poise Pads: 6 - ultimate. Dispose of properly. Questions? 1-800-340-3102; Consumer Services: Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dept. PPLTL-24, PO Box 2020, Neenah, WI 54957-2020 USA. Love Poise products? Leave a review at poise.com. Made in China.