Banana Boat® Sport Performance® SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick 0.55 oz. Carded Pack

Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Stick with patented AvoTriplex® technology protects in 3 ways: 1. Against sunburn with high UVB protection, 2. Against the effects of aging and long-term skin damage with high UVA protection, and 3. Lasts longer than ordinary sunscreens since it doesn't break down. Very water/sweat resistant. Easy to use. SPF UVB 50 AvoTriplex™ High UVA Long-Lasting Protection, Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven™ Lightweight Non-Greasy; Great for Faces! Very Water/Sweat Resistant; Won't Run into Eyes Great for Sun-Sensitive Areas: Ears, Lips, Nose, Face