Febreze Unstopables™ Lush Candle 4.3 oz. Jar

Light an Unstopables Candle to make your bathroom feel like it has a wing of its own. The refreshingly indulgent scent lasts for hours and hours, just like a trip to your favorite spa. It's the ultra long-lasting luxury of Unstopables. Smell like the lifestyle you deserve. Unstopables Scented Candles feature lavish scents that elevate the everyday Go couture with the bright scent of flowers, cedar undertones, and vanilla layers in LUSH Long-lasting Unstopables Candles make your home smell like you have money to burn; Boutique-worthy fragrance readily available at your well-manicured fingertips Available in a variety of paparazzi-attracting scents—Fresh, Shimmer, and Lush; Unstopables LUSH Candles