Verizon Wireless Refill Card, $50

You understand that this payment is a replenishment of your existing account and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Verizon Wireless Prepay Customer Agreement that you acknowledge you received and agreed to when you activated service. No refunds or exchanges. Account balance expires 30 days for $15 card, 60 days for $30 and $50 cards, 90 days for $75 card and 120 days for $150 card after funds are added to an account. Daily access, charges for calls made, and other charges for available services, may deplete balance prior to the expiration of the funds on your account. To carry your balance forward, simply buy and add another card/PIN before the expiration date and any existing balance will be carried over to the new expiration date. Verizon Wireless will suspend service, and no calls can be made, if you do not have the funds required for your daily access, your account reaches $0 or your account reaches the expiration date. Depending on calling plan selected when you set up your account, the minimum charge for the first minute could range from 7 cents to 60 cents, domestic roaming per-minute rate could range from 69 cents to 99 cents, and there may be a daily access charge may range up to $1.49/day. Daily access will be charged to account even if no calls made or received on that day. You can confirm your rates by calling customer service at (star) 611 (airtime free) from your wireless phone or 1-866-837-3387. Domestic long distance included (airtime charges apply) when calling within the Verizon Wireless INpulse Rate and Coverage Area. International calling rates may range up to $1.49/minute. Text messaging - 10 cents per message sent or received. Voice mail - airtime charges may apply. 411 connect - $1.49 surcharge per call plus airtime. Get It Now - airtime and other charges apply. A Verizon Wireless Prepay phone number is required before this card can be added to an account. To obtain one, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store or any of our authorized agents or retailers.