Mondelez International Candy, Soft & Chewy, Treat Size Bags, Variety Pack 50 ea

SOUR PATCH KIDS and SWEDISH FISH Mini Soft & Chewy Candy Variety Pack makes for a tasty and playful Easter candy experience. SOUR PATCH KIDS original sour candy features signature assorted fruit flavors that create a SOUR THEN SWEET Easter treat to satisfy your taste buds. SWEDISH FISH floods your mouth with a delicious fruity taste, while the bite-sized red candy fish shape makes snack time fun. This soft candy adds excitement to your Easter candy gifts. Keep a bag of candy on hand for Easter egg hunts, Easter gatherings and Easter egg fillers. The bagged candy snack packs are individually portioned and ready to fill Easter candy bowls and Easter baskets. Each Easter candy pack is sealed to keep the candy fresh and soft until you're ready to enjoy it. Stay stocked with Easter candy so you're ready for all the festivities this Easter season.