Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Gluten Free/Gluten Free Double Stuf 20 ea

Gluten Free OREO Original & Gluten Free OREO Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies are the classic, gluten free snack cookies you know and love, now available in convenient individually wrapped snack packs. Certified gluten free, these chocolate cookies are Always made with Real Cocoa, and a blend of gluten free flour and have a rich, creme filling between two chocolate wafers. If you're looking for a little something more, grab OREO Double Stuf cookies, filled with twice as much OREO creme as the original. This bulk cookies variety pack contains great chocolate cookie snacks for sharing with friends, serving at your next party, taking with you on the go or enjoying with a glass of cold milk. OREO Original and OREO Double Stuf Cookies also make great work snacks or lunch snacks. The individually wrapped two count cookie snack pack keeps these sweet treats fresh and make sure they're ready for snacking, sharing, or traveling.