Russell Stover Private Reserve Sugar Free Raspberry Souffle, with 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Naturally & artificially flavored. Sweetened with Splenda. Now double the center. Twice the flavor. Not a low calorie food. Russell Stover Private Reserve Sugar Free is the pinnacle of guilt-free indulgence. Each elegantly sculptured square features rich 60% cacao dark chocolate, which naturally enhances our unparalleled centers. Enjoy all the decadence of a creamy raspberry souffle; or simply reward yourself with the rich, bold taste of solid 60% dark. Either way, be reassured you're enjoying the best in sugar free chocolate decadence. Russell Stover Private Reserve. Elegant, rich, beautiful - and now sugar free. Sugar Alcohol: We use a unique blend of sugar substitutes the US Government refers to as sugar alcohol. These sugar substitutes are slowly metabolized carbohydrates that generally cause only a small rise in blood glucose levels. The Russell Stover Private Reserve collection is the culmination of more than 80 years of expertise as America's leading purveyor of fine chocolates. Private Reserve combines old world, small-batch candy making with modern artistic expression. Each piece is a work of art providing complex flavors for you to enjoy and explore. Welcome to an extraordinary experience in fine chocolate.