The Daily Crave Veggie Skinniez, BBQ Second edition. Breaking news. 100% All Natural: Lower fat, vegan, kosher, halal, non GMO, no MSG, no dairy, no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavors or coloring, no hydrogenated fats, 0 g trans fat. Give in to your cravings! Top Stories: News Flash - Man Survives Days at Sea. Praises improvised flotation devices. After his sailboat sank in a storm, veteran sailor Joe Edy was without a life preserver. He was, however, able to secure several bags of the popular Daily Crave vegetable snacks to his arms. When the Coast Guard rescued him, he claimed to have fended off sharks by feeding them the snacks. Also available in 6 oz. & 20 oz. bags! Facebook. Twitter. Made in USA.