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    Fuze Orange Mango. Naturally flavored beverage with other natural flavors blended with vitamins A:C:E, vitamin B6. 190 calories per bottle. 5% juice. Contains natural flavors. Inspired by dreams. Our Fuze juice drinks blend the goodness of diverse fruity flavors with helpful nutrients, 'cause everything is more interesting when you mix it up. That's the power of fusion. Salud! Amount per bottle. Vitamin A - 2000IU: A vitamin essential for vision, growth and healthy skin. Vitamin C - 120mg: A powerful antioxidant essential for healthy skin that also helps support the body's immune system. Vitamin E - 12IU: A powerful antioxidant that helps support the body's immune system. Vitamin B6 - 0.8mg: A vitamin that helps the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. Want to chat Call us at 800-208-2653 or join the fuzolution online at drinkfuze.com.