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    With other natural flavors. Improved! More crunch. More flavor. 21 g protein per serving. Baked never fried. 2 g net carbs (4 g carbs - 2 g fiber = 2 g net carbs). Soy free. Gluten free. (hashtag)Crunchclean. (at)Questnutrition. www.Questnutrition.com. Toll free: 888-212-0601. Soy free! Chips, evolved. Chips aren't what they used to be. Quest Protein Chips have completely changed the chip game! With 2 g net carbs and a whopping 21 g of protein per bag, Quest has finally made delicious, crispy chips that let you (hashtag)CrunchClean! Beyond just baked. It's all about what's inside. Look at the ingredients: potatoes have nothing to do with it! We started from scratch to reinvent chips with ingredients you can trust.