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    Yoplait® Greek 100 Nonfat Yogurt Plain. Calories† per 3/4 cup serving. Per 1 cup serving. 130 calories. 0g sat fat, 0% DV. 90mg sodium, 4% DV. 6g sugars. 32 oz (2 lb) 907g. Do the swap! Swap Yoplait® greek 100 plain for regular sour cream in your recipes! Dips mashed potatoes hummus on a baked potato. And you will save*: 85 calories. 10 grams fat. 7 grams sat fat. Swap Yoplait® greek 100 plain for regular mayonnaise in your recipes! Deviled eggs. Chicken salad. Tartar sauce. Pasta salad. And you will save*: 365 calories. 44 grams fat. 6 grams sat fat. *Per 1/4 cup of ingredient substituted. †Measure 3/4 cup of Yoplait® greek 100 plain nonfat yogurt for a 100 calorie serving. Contains live and active cultures. Gluten free. No gelatin. Grade A. Yoplait is a registered trademark of Yoplait Marques (France) used under license. Comments Save cup and call 1-800-967-5248 (M-F 7:30-5:30 CT) or visit yoplait.com. ©Yoplait USA, Inc.