Anti Skid Ice Melt

Anti Skid® Ice Melt. Environmentally friendly ice melt. Contains no salt. Pet friendly. For traction & melting. Winter traction & safe melting at low temperature. Continues working long after other melting agents have stopped. Anti-SSSSKid® is a biodegradable environmentally friendly ice melt, offering immediate traction and safe melting without the damaging effects caused by salt or chloride based products. Upon application the limestone chips provide immediate traction, stabilizing icy conditions on contact and maintaining it throughout the melting process. If re-freezing should occur, the tiny limestone chips are trapped in the ice, providing stability to the surface, so that it remains negotiable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Unlike salt and chloride based products, Anti-SSSSKid® is pet friendly and non corrosive, so it's safe to use on drives, walks and around your trees and shrubs. Anti-SSSSKid® run off provides added nitrogen to your soil, a nutrient all forms of plant life need for healthier growth. Only Anti-SSSSKid® provides both traction and safe melting, without the residual damage associated with salt and chloride products. Note: in poor drainage areas, Anti-SSSSKid® build up may cause some vegetation burn out. Warranty: the manufacturer warrants that the product conforms to the chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on the label, when used in accordance with the directions under normal conditions of use, but neither the warranty nor any other warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is expressed or implied to the use of this product, contrary to label instructions, not reasonable to manufacturer, and buyer assumes the risk of any such use. Contents: limestone & urea.