Sixpoint Beer, Ale, Sweet Action

You could say it all started with a chance encounter in 2004 after a climactic photoshoot in the back seat of an Oldsmobile in an ancient, abandoned neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC called Red Hook. It seemed like the perfect spot to start a brewery even if it needed to be crammed into an 800-square-foot garage. Years went by, there was a fire, two hurricanes, and the cat got pregnant three times. Through all of the madness emerged an undefinable beer called Sweet Action; a beer that your brain cannot categorize but instead speaks directly to your palate. Our senses and intuition sometimes trump rational though. It's mad science. Craft ales. Beer is culture. 34 IBU. 13 SRM. Est 2004. Got questions? Feedback? Want to vent? Hit us up. Beer for beasts. Please recycle. 5.2% alc. by vol. Formulated by the mad scientists. Six Point Brewery, Brooklyn, New York.