RJ Rockers Ale, Bell Ringer

Beer is an art. Handcrafted. Every beer. Every drop. Every time. Carolina brewed. Be careful. You might get your bell rung. Brewing great beer takes time. It takes attention to detail. It takes devotion to the high standards established five centuries ago by the world's first and foremost brewing experts. It takes four natural ingredients - water, barley, hops and yeast. It doesn't take additives, preservatives or cheap ingredients. It doesn't take million-dollar commercials or celebrity pitchmen. At RJ Rockers, we know what it takes. It means following the same process the Germans felt so strongly about that they put in into law back in 1516. It's what we've been doing since the day we started in 1997 - every beer, every drop, every time. - Mark R. Johnsen, brewer/owner. Visit rjrockers.com for more information and logo merchandise. Try all of our handcrafted ales, seasonal brews, and draft offerings. What? When? Where? rjrockers.com. Alc. 8.5% by vol. Please recycle. Brewed and bottled by RJ Rockers Brewing Company, Spartanburg, SC.