Colombo Marsala, Fine, Sweet

V.Q.P.R.D. A versatile wine as an aperitif, dessert, or for cooking delicious recipes. Enjoy the full-bodied taste that is famous throughout Italy. Colombo Marsala is a unique, versatile wine made only on the island of Sicily on the Italian coast. For centuries, Marsala has been enjoyed as an aperitif before a meal, or during dessert. More recently, top chefs use Colombo Marsala for their finest recipes when absolutely top-quality ingredients are required. However you decide to enjoy Colombo, you will be savoring one of the world's greatest wine treasures. Alc 18% by vol. Produced & bottled by Baglio Curatolo Arini 1875 S.R.L. Via Vito Curatolo Arini 5, Marsala (TP), Sucilia. Imported from Italy. Product of Italy.