Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon, Double Black, Lodi California, 2016

Limited edition. 1924. Nineteen twenty four. 1924 The heart of the prohibition era and wine's darkest hour when it was deemed illegal. It was also the year our winery first planted vineyards in California and farmed grapes that were sold to friends and neighbors. Story goes some of these grapes might have been used to make wine. For those that dared to oil in the black-market of winemaking, full-bodied red wines were the wine of choice and a crow favorite at speakeasies across the country. Crafted from the finest fruit grown in select Lodi vineyards, our 1924 Cabernet Sauvignon delivers dark, rich flavors of blackberries and currants with a hint of vanilla spice, balanced with velvety tannins in the style reminiscent of the prohibition era. Facebook: Alc 15.0% by vol. Vinted and Bottled by Gnarly Head Wines, Manteca and Napa, California.