Old Pogue Master's Select Whiskey, Bourbon, Kentucky Straight

Since 1876. The bottle of fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey you hold has a history dating back to the years following the Civil War. In 1869, the original Pogue distillery, Kentucky registered distillery No. 3, was established in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, very near a site often said to be the location of Kentucky's first distillery. Prior to Kentucky statehood, Maysville was part of old Bourbon County, Virginia, where pioneer distillers discovered that the Indian corn and limestone water of the region made a product of mellow character and distinguished flavor. Pogue carried this tradition forward, and for over half a century maintained a reputation as producers of the finest Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Pogue ceased production due to prohibition. Now, the fourth and fifth generations of Pogues return to offer the discriminating whiskey drinker a 91 proof (45.5% alc./vol.) small batch bourbon of superior quality crafted using the original Pogue recipe under a time-honored and fixed formula, never changed or cheapened in character. We're confident you'll agree with this assessment. Alc. 45.5% vol. (91 proof). Bottled by the Old Pogue Distillery, Bardstown, KY. Distilled in Kentucky.