Cutwater Margarita, Lime 4 ea

Experience summer vibes all year round with Cutwater's Lime Margarita. Available in 12 oz cans, this bar-quality canned cocktail was crafted to capture the spirit of a sunny day at the beach, complete with its blend of award-winning tequila, bright notes of lime, and triple sec. Enjoy with a salted rim and a lime wheel or straight from our can – it's the perfect way to bring the feeling of summer anywhere you go. As you take your first sip, you'll be greeted by an unmistakable flavor that blends Cutwater's award-winning tequila, smooth triple sec, and tangy lime for an energizing taste that's perfect for toasting any occasion. But it's not just Cutwater Lime Margarita's flavor that makes it special – it also contains no gluten and is made with real tequila for an authentic margarita experience without all the fuss. So, grab your friends and make every moment count with Cutwater Lime Margarita – the ready to drink cocktail mixed to bring the spirit of summer anywhere you go! 12.5% alc./vol.