Calypso Rum, Spiced 1.75 l

Premium imported rum with spice, other natural flavors and caramel color. Calypso Spiced Rum is inspired by the story of Calypso, the sea nymph from Greek mythology. Daughter of Atlas, Calypso roamed the islands in search of her next great lover. When the great warrior Odysseus washed ashore after a ship wreck, Calypso took him as her lover and promised him immortality if he would stay with her. When he refused, she held him prisoner for seven years before releasing him. The rest of the story is lost at sea. We have attempted to bring the spirit of Calypso to life with this imaginative Caribbean spiced rum. We believe you will find it as alluring and seductive as its namesake. Be careful though, don't Calypso and drive. 35% alc/vol (70 proof). Bottled by Sazerac North America, Inc.