Smithworks Vodka 750 Ml

Good grain. Good water. Good vodka. Glide over the byways of the vast American heartland and you'll find a bit of the Smithworks story in every farm you pass. It's men and women using the water, soil, and prairie skies to make something good happen. It is water from Lake Fort Smith, corn from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and a dedicated team in Fort Smith proudly bringing you the vodka you're holding in your hand. It's distilled three times and charcoal filtered for a remarkably smooth taste and clean finish. Please enjoy responsibly. Alc/vol 40% (80 proof). Please recycle. Distilled from corn. Distilled in Kansas finished & bottled by Smithworks Vodka Fort Smith, Arkansas USA. Bottled with pride in Fort Smith, USA. From the heartland water from lake Fort Smith corn from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. American made.