Maker's Mark Whisky, Kentucky Straight Bourbon 1.75 L

S IV. Handmade. Maker's Mark, America's handmade Bourbon whisky, all started because my grandfather, Bill Samuels, Sr., a sixth-generation Kentucky distiller, didn't care for the whisky his family made. So in 1953 he burned the family recipe-literally- and started over. His taste vision was a soft, rich, creamy, full- bodied yet balanced bourbon. Meanwhile, my grandmother, Margie, was busy designing the bottle you're holding. In fact, it was her idea to hand-dip every bottle in red wax. To this day, making Maker's Mark- in small quantities, a little at a time-is still a family affair. Enjoy. PS: You can learn more about our traditional approach to crafting whisky at We make our Bourbon carefully. Please enjoy it that way. Any time you're in the neighbourhood, stop by and visit us at our distillery, near Loretto, Kentucky. This beautifully restored home of Maker's Mark is a designated Kentucky and National Historic Landmark. Fully matured alcohol 45% by volume (Ninety proof). 45% Alc./vol. 90 Distilled, aged and bottled by the Maker's Mark Distillery, Inc. Star Hill Farm, Loretto, KY, USA.