The signature cooling maritime influences of the Russian River Valley serve to balance its warm days with cool, refreshing evenings and fog-cloaked mornings. This unique microclimate allows for the slow and even maturation of our fruit, developing distinct flavors in our wines which reflect this great Sonoma terroir. The summer of 2007 was dry, with no rain to threaten rot or mildew. In addition, the classic Russian River Valley morning fog made a frequent appearance but burned off in the early afternoon. This gave the grapes the best of both worlds: warm sunshine to develop ripe flavors, and cool temperatures to maintain acidity in the fruit. The 2007 weather closely mirrored the historical averages of temperatures for the region. These averages were notable because there were no major heat spells or cold snaps, just steady, cool-climate temperatures that create a perfect environment for growing world-class Chardonnay grapes.