Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm, SPF 15

Enhances natural pigment with a slight touch of color. Moisturizer-nutrient complex. Vitamins & natural extracts. A touch of color. Total care. Enhances Lips' Complexion: Lip Tone brings out the natural blush and luster of your lips with a slight touch of color. Your lips will look healthy, natural - great! Moisture Maintenance: Lip Tone's Moisturizer-Nutrient Complex combines a long lasting moisture protectant plus vitamins, amino ingredients and 4 natural plant extracts. Lip Tone helps preserve lip moisture and relieve drying. Sun Protection: PABA-free Lip Tone provides 15 times your natural protection against burning. Its SPF 15 rating is recommended even for people who burn easily and tan minimally. The liberal and regular use of this product may prevent premature signs of aging and possible cancer-causing effects of overexposure to sun. Remember, lips don't tan, but they do burn. Lip Tone complements the natural complexion of your lips by combining the effective moisturization and protection you'd expect from a Blistex lip balm with a slight touch of color.