Cadbury Snow Balls, Mini 9 oz

Look no further for the perfect holiday candy than CADBURY Mini Snowballs candy. These premium milk chocolate snowballs are coated with crisp sugar shells in seasonal red, green and white colors, making them the perfect addition to Christmas stockings, winter candy bowls, Christmas tree presents and seasonal décor. They make it easy to fill lunch boxes, snack cabinets and movie night snack collections with delicious holiday candy everyone will love. Stuff your party favors with small bags of these milk chocolate candies to treat yourself and those closest to you with a delectably crunchy, smooth candy. Preparing for a white elephant gift exchange? Nothing could be better for the occasion than CADBURY Mini Snowballs milk chocolate candies, which are the perfect size to place inside a gift bag or personalized stocking. Everyone involved in the party will want you as their secret Santa next year when they find out what your delicious gift is. If you want to mix it up this holiday season, try giving your favorite brownies, cupcakes, cookies or pies a bit of a crunch by topping them with premium chocolate snowballs. Let cool, serve to loved ones and wait for the recipe requests to pour in!